100 New Things

Innovation is seen by many companies in the food industry as a goal in it self. However most so called innovations end up being a variation of an existing product or a downright copy of the competitors' product. If innovation is really necessary to stay competitive in a highly globalised market then innovation should be a process. For us real innovation starts by exploring the right questions. Why and what do we want to innovate and for whom?

Contrary to other business activities, innovation processes are creative, open-ended and difficult to plan. For many organisations this is hard to handle since management is all about meeting performance targets. It is therefore important to create a safe context for exploration and experimentation without the pressure to deliver or to make a profit. The '100 New Things' workshop starts this process using design research as to create one hundred new and different products and services by starting to look at the whole supply-chain in a different way.

For whom?

The workshop is given to employees of businesses in the food sector. The participants can be from different levels within the company and do not need special skills.


The methodology of the workshop follows the process of collecting, adding, mixing, making and tasting.


The output of the workshop consists of visual maps of the supply-chain and the different production processes and 100 prototypes of new products and services.



Dirk Osinga


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– Wageningen University & Research (NL), November 2017


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