Faces of a City

In his book 'Sharp Tongues, Loose Lips, Open Eyes, Ears to the Ground', the curator and prolific author Hans-Ulrich Obrist, reflects on the term 'city' after having co-curated several “Cities on the Move” exhibitions in the late nineties. Obrist and co-curator Hou Hanrou doubt if we should still use the word 'city' at all to represent present day and future urban conditions. The curators didn't so far come up with a new term but started to compile an A to Z list of adjectives attached to the word 'city'.

By selecting a few types of cities from Obrist's book, the workshop 'Faces of a City' uses these adjectives as lenses through which a city, town, neighbourhood is investigated by the participants through means of photography, cartography and ethnography. Using artistic and quasi scientific methods a rich and multi-layered portrait of present day urban conditions arise that sheds a clear light on the way how people live, work and move through our built environment.

For whom?

This workshop is for spatial practitioners and students who want to gain a thorough understanding of a local urban condition whether it is a city, town or neighbourhood.


In this workshop we use photographic, cartographic and ethnographic methods to map and spatially research a contemporary urban condition.


The output of the workshop is a book with each chapter representing one type of city. The chapters include texts, interviews, portraits, essays, drawings and photos.


Irma Földényi

Pomme van Hoof


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