Public Products

The production of a typical everyday product relies on global supply-chains and mass production. As a result, these products are inflexible; the materials and processes used inhibit their modification and repair. Furthermore the possibilities for reuse or recycling are limited. 

The workshop Public Products introduces participants, users and producers, to a methodology specifically developed to facilitate the translation of these mass produced products into open-source ones through reverse engineering and re-design. The aim of the workshop is to address issues surrounding industrially produced products like planned obsolescence, individual ownership and waste management.

For whom?

Consumer product manufacturers, design students, researchers and professionals from other fields.


The workshop follows three phases: collecting & mapping, designing & prototyping and documentation & presentation.


The results of the workshop consist of maps of the deconstructed products, functional components for the Public Products database, open-source prototypes and a visual presentation & publication of the results.


Jesse Howard

Eugenia Morpurgo


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