Things We Hand Down

Contrary to Charles Darwin's conception of 'natural selection' as an explanation of biological evolution, changes in ourselves and in the city, or in human culture in general, seem to go along the lines of 'artificial selection', where more or less deliberate choices are made on what to preserve, transform or discard.

This workshop invites participants to enter a conscious artificial process of cultural evolution, in an inclusive and accessible way, by looking at ourselves and the city. This process stimulates long-term thinking about our own individual and collective heritages. The workshop starts by collecting images of artefacts that represent material as well as immaterial aspects of the city or the self and use them as a point of departure for a dialogue with the aim of identifying their meaning and discussing the values of these artefacts.

In order to detach ourselves from our present day reality, so as to open up more room for alternative possibilities, the selection process takes place from an imaginary point in the future, about twenty years from now. In this discussion participants talk with each other about what they would like to preserve for the new generations, what they think needs transformation and what they would like to discard.

Following this selection process the participants design alternative possibilities to the questions; In which forms is preservation possible? What could a transformation look like? And how can we get rid of something? Things We Hand Down can be seen as a cultural probe that measures how we look at ourselves and the society we live in and formulates a vision for the future and designs a way how to get there.

For whom?

This workshop is suitable for governments, businesses, organisations and universities interested in long-term thinking, heritage, identity and transformational change.


Irma Földényi

Pomme van Hoof


The method of this workshop follows three phases; collection, selection and design.


The output of the workshop takes the form of dialogues, image maps, and designs for preservation, transformation and obliteration.


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Previous Workshops

– Detroit, Stockholm (S), December 2015